2017 WDW EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival Menus and Photos.

We are fortunate to live close to Walt Disney World and the annual EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is one of my favorite events at the parks, so we visit as often as we can.  Because I find it easier to post the information on my corresponding Facebook travel page, I am including a link.

Here is a link to my Wednesday’s Travels Facebook travel page where I post updates with photos and descriptions of the food that I have tried so far as well as photos of the booth menus.

2017 EPCOT Food & Wine Photos


First visit to the 2017 EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival

Visiting the multiple different festivals that are now held at Disney World’s EPCOT are one of our favorite things to do at the parks.  We always try to go as soon as they begin and make multiple visits throughout the festivals, to give ourselves plenty of opportunities to sample the different food and beverage offerings,We  without blowing our weekly budget.  Today was our first chance to go to this year’s Flower and Garden Festival and the weather cooperated, it was a gorgeous day to be at the parks!


Today we tried two savory dishes, one dessert and a cider flight, all were excellent!  We usually pick up a festival guide and look through the menus to determine what we want to try for the day, then depending on how hungry (or not) we are we plot our course around the world showcase.  Today we arrived around lunch time and were starving!  I wanted to try the beef tenderloin tips, which are served at the new Northern Bloom booth located in Canada, with the strawberry tiramisu served at Primavera Kitchen in Italy.  My husband thought the pear cider brined corned beef, served at the Cider House booth in the UK was what he should try ( I also wanted the cider flight offered there) so we decided on a counterclockwise route.


So we first stopped at the Northern Blossom booth for the beef tenderloin tips, which consisted of three pieces of tenderloin in a bordelaise sauce with carrots, mushrooms and pearl onions over mashed potatoes, the beef was tender despite being cooked well done and the sauce was tasty, overall a great dish.

The second stop on the itinerary was the Cider House, where we picked up the cider flight and the cider brined corned beef.  The cider flight had three samples; McKenzie’s Black Cherry, Florida’s Beer Company’s Caribe Blood Orange Tropical and Ciderboy’s Strawberry Magic.  The black cherry and the Strawberry were so good, some of the best I have had (I like my cider sweet so if you prefer dry these may not be for you) and the blood orange was good and fresh but not my favorite, to me it tasted like Fresca.  I might like my drinks sweet but I do not like things I consider to be savory dishes with any sweetness so I was leery to try my husbands corned beef, he convinced me to and wow, it was really good!  It only had a very slight hint of sweetness and was full of flavor, I recommend trying it.

Now on to procure the most important meal, the dessert!  I have never heard of a fruit tiramisu but I love tiramisu and strawberries so how could we go wrong?  I have to say, while not tasting very much like tiramisu, it was really, really good!

We spent the rest of the time checking out the displays and topiaries, I know I missed a few (the Chinese zodiac in particular) but you will find a lot of them below.

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Finally all of the menu boards for the food booths.  I hope to be sharing many more dishes with you over the next few months!