Mary Queen of Scots, Kelpies and yes… more Outlander…. Scotland Day 6 Edinburgh to Glasgow by car.

Today we would head back for another night in Glasgow before heading out into the Highlands.   We started off with breakfast at Cote Brasserie, a French inspired eatery with affordable breakfast.  It was a farther walk from the hotel than the previous morning but breakfast was good…surprisingly I neglected to take photos here which I blame on the long walk before having my coffee.

After breakfast, we collected our bags and checked out of the Indigo Princess street and headed out to our first stop of the day, Linlithgow Palace.  Linlithgow Palace is the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and a filming location for Wentworth prison scenes in Outlander.  Next door to the palace is St. Michaels church whose unique steeple we had seen (and wondered about) a few days earlier from the train to Edinburgh.  We were in a bit of a time crunch with so much to see so we decided not to tour the inside, which I am now regretting.

Our next stop was a more modern Scottish icon, the Kelpie sculptures at Helix park in Falkirk.  The Kelpies are two, 300 ton, steel horse sculptures that opened to the public in 2014, which makes them quite a lot newer than anything else we were in Scotland to see.  They are located in a pretty park with a canal running to one side and a turning pool that is part of a new connector between two existing canals.  They were spectacular on the gorgeous sunny day we visited but I would love to revisit them at night on our next trip, to see them lit up.

We were starting to get hungry and decided it was time for lunch, we had initially planned to have lunch at a fantastic looking Italian restaurant in Linlithgow but the timing was off.  Since we had our hearts set on Italian for one meal of the trip, a quick search of Yelp found what we were looking for in Falkirk, a fairly nice place called Gambero Rosso.  Again I forgot to take photos of our meal here, which seemed to be a theme for today, so far.  The meal was good but not memorable.

After lunch, the Outlander excitement was building again, we were off to Castle Leoch (Duone Castle!!!!) This castle has also been used for filming in Game of Thrones and Monty Python. It is located in the small town of, you guessed it, Duone.  Parking on sight is extremely limited, when we arrived there were no spaces available and we were told to go find parking in town…… which took some driving around, on often times very narrow streets, to find a spot to park.  I feel a little sorry for the people who live here, I am sure the busy summer season is quite aggravating when it comes to parking and getting around.  Once we were finally parked and made the walk back to the castle, we did pay to tour the interior.  The exterior was having some restoration work done and there was scaffolding, not only on the outside but in the iconic (if you are an Outlander fan) courtyard.  The interior, like just about every place we toured, was mostly bare stone and unfurnished but in good condition.  I would like to go back when restoration work is complete, to see it without the unsightly scaffolding.  When we were through touring the castle, it was time to get going for Glasgow. We had reservations for dinner with our Glaswegian friends and needed to get settled into the hotel in time to walk to the restaurant.

We were staying at the Indigo Glasgow tonight, and after a very pretty drive back, we arrived with barely enough time to get ready for dinner.  We were eating at the highly rated, The Butterfly & The Pig.  This restaurant is another I can recommend, they had very tasty food and drinks served in a charming and cozy atmosphere.  Oh and my dry streak on food photos finally ended here!

To end the day, we made a stop at a couple pubs, including the famous Nice N Sleazy, a pub and music venue that has had celebrity patrons in the past.  It was another amazing and full day in Scotland with great, sunny weather.  We didn’t make it too late of a night because the next morning we were heading out (insert excited scream) to the Highlands!!!







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