River Cruising and Travel Anticipation


So, I am planning my first river cruise…..  I am very well versed in ocean cruising on large, 100 + ton cruise ships, in fact they are at the moment my favorite way to travel.

I travel for exciting new adventures so I decided that it was time to change up the routine and given the current surge in popularity of European river cruises and the fact that we usually travel in the summer months, I chose a Christmas market river cruise on the Danube.  Being a Florida native, our Christmas weather never really feels Christmas-like, so I have been obsessively watching Youtube videos of the snow covered Christmas markets nestled amongst the charming European architecture and reading about all of the traditional Christmas treats available for purchase at the markets.   

The excitement is really building for this trip and I believe the anticipation of a trip is half of the fun; it gives you more time outside of your actual travel dates to enjoy what you have spent your hard earned money on.  It is also a good idea to be familiar with where you are going so that you don’t miss out on any highlights and must sees, research and planning not only builds anticipation it gets you prepared!  You also can’t forget about the amazing history that Europe possesses, I try to read historical fiction novels based in the places that I travel to; it helps to give some perspective on what you are seeing, to understand it.